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International Summer Course for Composers SYNTHETIS 2019

The Music Gardens Foundation is pleased to invite young composers (no age limit) from all over the world to participate in the 2019 edition of the International Summer Course for Composers SYNTHETIS, which will be held in Radziejowice (near Warsaw, Poland) between July 15 and 27, 2019 .

The participants of this year’s edition of the Course will have an opportunity to attend lectures and individual meetings with such renowned composers as Chaya Czernowin (Israel/USA), Toshio Hosokawa (Japan/Germany), Zygmunt Krauze (Poland), as well as the Course’s artists-in-residence: Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska (viola) and Wojciech Psiuk (saxophone). At the SYTHETIS 2019 final concert, these talented artists will perform some of the works composed during the course by participants.

Traditionally, the SYNTHETIS events will be held at the Radziejowice Palace - a beautiful complex situated 50 km from Warsaw. The venue, surrounded by a picturesque landscape and originally dating back to the 17 th century, thanks to its unique atmosphere has become a work facility for artists, writers, musicians and painters. Its intimate character provides excellent conditions to create both highly cooperative environment and creativity-enhancing atmosphere.

The International Summer Course for Composers SYNTHETIS , created and directed by Zygmunt Krauze, is a successful reactivation of the legendary composition courses initiated in 1980 by the Polish Society for Contemporary Music. The key objective of the Course is to allow each and every participant not only to develop his or her artistic skills, but also to work in an environment where exchange of experience is essential.

Deadline for application is May 20 . More information and on-line application form available at:

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