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International composition competition 2018


Nuova Consonanza announces the XX edition of the Franco Evangelisti International Composition Competition.

Composers of any age and nationality are eligible.

The instrumentation includes:
Soprano voice
Saxophone (alto / tenor, one player)
Guitar (classical guitar / electric guitar / electric bass, one player)
Piano (piano / synth and controller, one player)
Conductor (optionally playing a synth)

The composition may involve the whole ensemble or part of it, starting from a minimum of two players including the soprano singer. Length of the composition may not exceed 12 minutes. The selection of texts must come from the public domain. Alternatively, the score must come with a disclaimer from the copyright owners authorizing the use of the text. Any candidate can compete anonymously with one or more works. It is possible to submit compositions that have already been played, as long as they are unpublished and have not been awarded any prize in other contests.

Candidates are requested to submit scores (along with parts for a possible performance), by email only and in pdf format, to
Scores and parts must be anonymous and marked with a motto. Candidates are also requested to include in the same email:
- personal information and contact details (name, birthdate, nationality, home and email address, phone number);
- a brief resume;
- receipt of payment of the entry fee;
- a statement, certifying that the composition has not be awarded any prizes, and an id document.

Links to audio recordings or computer-generated audio files are welcome, but not required (please, do not attach audio files to email)
The above documents can be written in English, French or Italian.

The deadline for submissions is 14 October 2018 (23:59, Gmt +2)
A € 50 entry fee for each submitted score can be paid
-via wire transfer to Associazione Nuova Consonanza IBAN IT44X0200805108000010653285 – BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1719
- Paypal:

PayPal è il metodo rapido e sicuro per pagare e farsi pagare online.

Three shortlisted compositions, selcted by an international jury, will be played in the final concert in December 2018, as part of the 55th Festival di Nuova Consonanza.
The winner will be proclaimed after the concert. The first prize is € 1.000, publication of the score by Edizioni Suvini Zerboni and radio broadcast on RAI Radio3.

The jury reserves the right not to award any prize or finalist, to award ex-aequo prizes and to assign a special mention to a work.
Only the original Italian language text of this document is legally valid: in case of controversy, the sole competent court is the court of Rome.

Final concert will be performed by L’arsenale Ensemble -